A boring life is not a stress free life.

Sometimes I wish I had a more exciting life so I had interesting things to write about but I really just don’t. Everything I have to write about makes me feel like I’m complaining to the internet at large because I have no real friends and definitely no mom friends.

My oldest and I have managed to pick up MRSA from somewhere. She had it first and it spread to me. It’s very inconveniently on our behinds and very painful. I just found out it was MRSA today and will be switching to the right antibiotics tomorrow. I’ll be taking her to the doctor tomorrow to get her a prescription for hers. Where, how, why? I don’t know. She’s only naked when she’s using the restroom, changing her clothes, or showering. (She’s very shy.) So the odds of her having her butt exposed are low and limited to a public bathroom. All I know is, I’ve got to get it wiped out ASAP.

My daughters hate each other. To the point that it was severely affecting my youngest’s daughter’s behavior at home. Yelling, hitting, yelling and talking back to me, lying to me, crying fits whenever she doesn’t get her way, completely ignoring me when I tell her to do something, she pooped in her pants and just sat in it until she decided she was ready to get up and go change them.
The final straw came one day when she stayed home from school with a bad headache (usually a precursor to a migraine). Afternoon rolls around and she wants to go outside. But the rule is, don’t go to school, don’t go outside. She was very angry. She stood in front of me and yelled at me about how mean and rude I was being and it was fair. She said she knew how much I hated to hear her cry so she was going to stand right there and cry until I let her go outside. And I let her do it for about a minute. Then I said, “why do you think there are special rules for you but not for sissy?” And she started yelling at me. So I said, “Here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to go to your room, right now. This is unacceptable behavior.” Off she stomped.

I then contacted her father and told him I thought she needed to stay with him for a little while. She was out of my control and I don’t know what’s going on with her. He came and got her the next day and brought her back and forth until the weekend where we had a long talk and decided to ask her if she wanted to switch to where she lived with him during the week and me on weekends. She said she wouldn’t mind it but she doesn’t want to leave her school. So we worked it to where he has her Sunday night after church, Mon, Tues night she’s with him and Wed & Thurs & Fri morning she’s with me. Every other weekend he’ll pick her up Friday afternoon and she’ll have a weekend with him, the opposite weekends she’ll be staying with me Friday and Saturday night then going to church Sunday morning then her grandparents will take her to him after church. Hopefully it’ll help with her acting out. I’m hoping separating them some will help her.

I’ve been doing a lot better with my moods lately. I’ve been spending my time in the living room, watching tv and crocheting. Ive recently got a car. It needs a lot of work but having transportation is awesome. We can leave the house now! It’s a great feeling.

I have a boyfriend. He’s amazing. I adore him. His son is sweet and adorable. I’ll talk more about that another time. This post is already long and I mostly wanted to talk about the girls. I’m hoping I’ll be able to come back soon and say she has straightened out and the problems have cleared up. Here’s hoping, right?


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