Is anything simple?

It’s 28° outside this morning. My daughter fought me about wearing her coat to the bus stop. At what point did she go from a 7-year-old who listened to me to an 8-year-old who knows more than me? We spent so many mornings last year with her shivering up against me whining about how cold she was. Now she wants to skip the clothing that will keep her warm altogether.

This past week has been fun weather-wise in the Ohio Valley. 30s and 40s in the mornings then 70s and up in the afternoons. In November. It’s a week before Thanksgiving and Saturday I left the house in a T-shirt.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I don’t have anything ready. My mom was supposed to make a list for me Saturday so I could go get the stuff she needs from the store. So far I’ve got a list from my aunt and that’s it. I know what I need to cook my dishes since I make the same ones every year but a list from her would help. I didn’t want to be in the grocery store two days before Thanksgiving dealing with trying to find the things I need. She says she’ll give it to me when she gets off work. If she doesn’t I’m just going to get what my aunt and I need then give my mom the money to go get what she needs herself. She knows I hate crowds in small places.

My oldest won’t be here to help me cook this year. She decided she wanted to go to her dad’s this time. The kid is the reason I can sanely make cake balls. I’m going to miss having her here to bake with me but she’s 13 and she’s at a point where I feel like I need to let her make her own decisions in that regard. I don’t think forcing her to stay home would help us have much of a bonding experience. It kind of hurts my feelings though. She doesn’t wake up at my house Christmas morning and now she’s spending Thanksgiving out there too. I want to throw a mommy temper tantrum, tears and all, but I’m trying to raise her to not worry how making herself happy will effect others (unless it’s harmful) so I’m trying to be a big girl.

It’s our first Thanksgiving since Sue passed and the closer it gets the more I think about it. She’s missed years before but it was because she was with her kids not because she was completely gone. I’m not sure how to handle it exactly. Hopefully it won’t include crying while I’m cooking. That might bring the mood of the night down some.

I have laundry to fold (a lot of it) and dishes to do (just a few) so I’m going to go try to figure out why 2016 decided it was the year to be so spectacularly bad.


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